Shortlist 2018

Ashington House by Lucy Hunter – Documentary*

Buoys Don’t Cry by Shola Adesina & Niamh Feculak Norman – U18*


Forgotten by Jordan Benjamin – U18*

Gingerbread Man by Karolina Kovacs – U18*

JK Starley by Steve Roberts E17 – Animation*

Life of a Swedish Worker by Edvin Eriksson – Drama*

Magasin de Kebab by Angel Toniama – Documentary*

Paddy by Lauren Smith – U18*

PDTP1 Trickle Down Economics by Martin Adams – Animation*

Rose by Marcus Green – U18*

Skateboard Blues 1.18 by Carol Gyasi – Documentary*

Veronica by Sofia Antonia Milone – Drama*

We Are Moving by Esther Neslen and Litza Jansz – Animation*